Origami Food Craft Ideas

Here's a banquet of ideas for using origami paper to make plat food. Everything you see here is just origami paper and tissue. From the top and moving left, you can see:

  1. A Fried Egg- a disk of tissue paper with a yellow origami yolk disk on top.
  2. Chicken Fried Rice- a wad of tissue paper wrapped with orange origami, with three origami sweet peas on top, all on top of a green origami lettuce leaf.
  3. Fried Chicken Drumsticks- tissue paper wrapped in brown origami paper and with a white paper chicken legs.
  4. Rolled Japanese Style Omelet(Tamagoyaki)- a folded and rolled strip of yellow origami paper.
  5. Japanese White Radish(Daikon)- rolled cone piece of tissue, with rolled origami grass top.
  6. Rice Balls(Onigiri)- Rolled Tissue paper wrapped in a thin black strip of black origami paper seaweed(nori).
  7. Hamburger Steak Patty- a disk of tissue wrapped with brown origami paper.

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