St. Patrick's Day Wreath #1 Craft

This is a simple St. Patrick's Day wreath idea using a rainbow and shamrocks.


  • large sheet of card stock
  • crayons or color pencils
  • scissors
  • green construction paper and shamrock template


  1. Beforehand, cut lots of shamrocks from green paper.
  2. First, draw a large circle with red crayon or pencil. Then draw an orange circle inside the red one. Follow ROY G. BIV, until you've drawn the whole rainbow ring.
  3. Cut out the rainbow and cut out the middle to make a doughnut shape.
  4. Glue shamrocks all around the ring.
  5. Punch a hole or put some tape and hang up.
Alternatively, you could cut out the center of a paper plate and use the rim, but it's more difficult to draw on.
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