4th of July Day Star Pin Craft

Here's a patriotic 4th of July star pin craft that is easy and fun to make.

  • card stock or cardboard from a cereal box
  • star cookie cutter or template pattern(from link below)
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • red, white, and blue tissue paper
  • safety pin
  • glue


  1. Use a cookie cutter or template to trace a star onto cardboard.
  2. Use a ruler to draw 3 straight lines to divide the star.
  3. Cut 3 colors of tissue paper into 1 inch squares beforehand.
  4. Spread glue over 1 section of the star. Crumple tissue square into a ball and stick to the star. Continue and fill in the section.
  5. Repeat with each section and color. Allow to dry.
  6. Cut a thin strip of cardboard, stick through the middle of the safety pin, and glue down onto the back of the star. The cardboard strip will hold the pin in place. Allow to dry. Add a little tape just to be extra secure.
  7. Wear your home made patriotic pin on the 4th of July.

Source: Craft Ideas
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