Peanut People Drum Puppet Craft

Here's a cute Japanese craft idea. Make these peanut drum puppets from a paper bag on a chopstick or skewer.


  • chopsticks or bamboo skewers
  • small paper lunch bag
  • old newspaper or cotton
  • tape
  • brown marker
  • string
  • plastic bottle caps

  1. Stuff old newspaper or cotton into a small paper lunch bag. Pinch and tape the top of the head so it stands up. Pinch the bag in the middle into a peanut shape.
  2. Stick onto a chopstick or skewer and tape the bottom.Decorate with a marker to look like a peanut with eyes and a mouth. You could also cut and paste on the face.
  3. Tie 2 short lengths of string to the peanut. Tape bottle caps to the other ends for hands.
  4. When you twist the peanut puppet, the bottle cap hands hit the body like the drum from the Karate Kid 2.
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