26 Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts for Preschool

Here's a top 26 list of easy Christmas ornament crafts for preschoolers and kids. There's quite a variety of ornament ideas that will liven up your Christmas tree. These are great craft projects for classroom or family. They are easy and fun to make. You'll find the perfect craft for yours this year. Merry Christmas and God bless us, everyone.

1. Pom Pom Christmas Ornament Craft

2. Felt Christmas Tree Ornament Craft
3. Christmas Stockings Felt Craft

4. Handprint Santa Christmas Ornament Craft

5. Walnut Christmas Ornament Craft
 6. Fingerprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft
 7. Popsicle Sticks Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft

8. Peanut Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft

9. Toilet Roll Rings Star Christmas Ornament Craft

10. Buttons Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

11. Buttons Wreath Christmas Ornament Craft

12. Yarn Wreath Christmas Ornament Craft

13. Toilet Roll Santa Christmas Ornament Craft

14. Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornament Craft
15. Clothes Pin Nativity Christmas Ornament Craft

16. Popsicle Stick Nativity Christmas Ornament Craft
17. Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornament Craft

18. Fruit Loops Candy Cane Christmas Ornament Craft
19. Peppermint Candy Christmas Ornament Craft

20. Candy Buttons Paper Chains Christmas Garland Craft
21. Paper Cone Santa Christmas Ornament Craft
 22. Snowman Christmas Ornament Craft

23. Puzzle Piece Christmas Tree Ornament Craft
24. Sandpaper Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament Craft
25. Easy Christmas Ornament Craft 
26. Yule Log Ornament Craft
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Nativity and Angel Crafts for Christmas

Teach kids the true meanng of Christmas with these Christmas nativity and angel kids crafts. These are perfect for preschoolers, Sunday School, or family projects. They will look great decorating the house or hanging on the tree.

Nativity Crafts

1. Popsicle Stick Nativity Ornament Craft

2. Clothes Pin Nativity Ornament Craft
3. Printable Toilet Paper Roll Nativity Craft

Angel Crafts
1. Paper Plate Angel Craft

2. Simple Paper Plate Christmas Angel Craft
3. Hand Print Angel Craft
4. Paper Fairy/Angel Craft

5. Paper Plate Angel Craft
a beautiful angel craft from
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Nativity Toilet Roll Craft for Christmas

Remind kids of the true meaning of Christmas with this printable Nativity toilet roll craft originally from a great Christian site, Catholic Icing. Print out the templates, color, then cut and glue on toilet rolls. This is a great family or Sunday school craft for Christmas.

Holiday Craft Projects

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Top 10 Santa Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

Here's a top 10 list of easy and fun Santa crafts for preschoolers and kids. Use common materials around the house to make these colorful and decorative Christmas crafts and ornaments. Making them is half the fun. You'll find the perfect little Santa craft idea here for your little ones whether or not they've been naughty or nice. Ho Ho Ho!

1. Handprint Santa Card Craft
2. Popsicle Stick Santa Ornament Craft
3. Santa Christmas Ornament Craft
4. Hand Print Santa Ornament Craft
5. Paper Plate Santa Craft
6. Santa Advent Christmas Calendar Craft
7. Toilet Roll Santa Craft
8. Nutter Butter Santa Cookies
9. Santa Paper Cone Christmas Ornament
Preschool Crafts for Kids*
10. Felt Santa Craft
Holiday Kids Crafts

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Papr Plate Santa Craft

Here's an adorable and easy paper plate Santa craft for Christmas. A paper plate, some colored paper and cotton balls are all you need. Follow the link below for the full tutorial.

Because I said so..
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17 Fun Snowman Crafts for Preschoolers

This is a round-up list of 17 great snowman crafts to do with kids and preschoolers. These snowman-inspired crafts are perfect for Christmas or winter. You'll find the perfect snowman craft for your class or family, at least until they melt away.

1. Paper Bag Snowman Craft
2. Paper Doll Snowman Craft(with template)
3. Paper Plate Snowman Craft
4. Melted Snowman Felt Craft
5. Cotton Ball Snowman Craft 
6. Popsicle Stick Snowman Craft

7. Cotton Pinecone Snowman Craft
8. Snowman Christmas Ornament
9. Refrigerator Snowman Craft
10. Paper Plate Snowman Face Craft
 11. Milk Jug Snowman Craft

12. Melted Snowman Cookies

 13. Christmas Snowman Cookies
 14. Puffy Paint Snowman Craft

15. Candle Wax Resist Snowman Craft

16. Marshmallow Snowman Craft
17. Pinecone Skiing Snowman Craft
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